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Privacy Policy

(This contents translated by Machine Translation)
NatehaR (this app) is the application running and operating the personal information using your computer and the Microsoft account.

  • Use of personal information

This app is within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use of the following personal information, we will use.

Involves advance informed consent to use personal information in the purposes of the following:

  1. to confirm that the user intended to service users login information
  2. services available continuously on etc Cookie needed save connection information.
  3. save for the convenience of the application search, browsing history, browsing, configuration information
  • Personal information view, edit, delete

The login information is stored in our app from within the app removal is possible.

Also, concomitantly with the login information and saved information is removed along with the login information delete.

  • Provision to third parties of personal information

If this app is prescribed personal information protection laws without first obtaining the consent personal information disclosure requests from Parties legally binding except, and will not be provided to third parties.

  • Scope of application

Our app is only client applications to use the various services and a bookmark providing by Hatana Inc. in the assumes no responsibility for the protection of personal information used in the service of Hatena.

This privacy policy applies only to within the operating range of our app. On personal information protection in the site viewed from our app assumes no responsibility.